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Delivering a sustainable, safer and more prosperous future

Around the world Government organisations are rethinking how public services are delivered to solve the important challenges we face. In rebuilding the approach, it is now recognized that understanding the context of our decisions means we need to understand the place where those decisions have an effect.

As data stewards for the worlds authoritative data, Government organisations collaborate and share data to deliver new insights and new perspectives, enabling services to have a greater impact on our communities.

We have a long-established pedigree of working intimately with our government partners, enabling them to build context for our local, national, and international communities so well informed decisions are made at a local, national and global stage.

Our partners manage the world’s largest and most trusted authoritative datasets.  Working in collaboration we’ve delivered highly automated spatial data frameworks so they have trust in how their data is captured, maintained and organized. Having trust in how their data is managed matters, it’s not only important to them, but to their customers, who rely on the data to make decisions, make predictions and deliver actions into our communities.

Report in partnership with EuroSDR

We produced a report on the 'Commonalities in the production of authoritative data'.

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Our Expertise

National Mapping Agencies

We partner with NMA around the world to help them provide their uniquely authoritative data as efficiently as possible.

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Central Government

We partner with central government organisations to evolve the way they manage and share location data.

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Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

Automating the creation of complete, accurate and current datasets for confident decision making.

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We help automatically assimilate geospatial data in different formats, because smarter data means better-informed decisions.

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Public Sector Procurement

We are actively involved with a number of procurement frameworks.

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The Future of Data
The Future of Data
Case Study

US Census Bureau

“This is a large, complex and mission-critical spatial database that is growing at 10-15% annually. There are huge demands from the user community for spatial and temporal accuracy and quality, together with stringent processing deadlines. We believe that 1Spatial’s solution will meet our expectations to build an agile, service orientated architecture, whilst reducing our storage requirements.”

Tim Trainor Geography Division Chief | US Census Bureau

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