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Automating the creation of complete, accurate and current datasets for confident decision making

Our knowledge of the law enforcement industry

Gaps or out of date data can skew results and lead to inaccurate predictions, causing complications with planning and responding, in order to prevent a crime. With complete data, the risk of hidden data causing false bias in operational planning is reduced.

We understand the need for complete, accurate and current data in order to implement the POLE model (People, Objects, Location and Event) and enable officers and intelligence analysts to identify crime patterns and trends.

Unequivocal data quality management skillset

In order to maintain productivity levels, we believe that automated spatial data quality management hubs are key. This allows data to be validated against a set of data quality rules that are written in plain English where data is validated, cleansed and audited so you have not only good quality data that is fit for purpose, but also full transparency of any changes made.

We use our rules-engine, which is powered by 1Integrate, to meet your specific requirements and our experts to help design your data quality management process. Once our data quality rules have been implemented, the data will be continuously monitored by our automated rules-engine, which prevents loss of quality in your data.

Experience in law enforcement

Our team have proven experience in delivering data quality and data assurance solutions in law enforcement and across the public sector. This experience combined with our key strategic delivery partners builds a wealth of experience to take the best of our people, processes and technology and ensure that your data is complete, accurate, current and fit for confident decision making.


Avon and Somerset Police Proof of Concept (PoC)

“After a very promising proof of concept we are now looking at the potential for the installation of the 1Integrate product to manage location quality issues within our Crime and Intelligence Management system.”

Ian Steel Senior Project Manager

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proKura Framework

proKura provides UK policing with cost-effective, rapid and compliant access to a strategically selected ICT supplier base.

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Solution: Law Enforcement

Using geospatial data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our police force.

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