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Police ICT - Digital Transformation Framework

Police ICT's commercial services team launched the procurement service, proKura, to help solve the common challenges faced in policing when procuring technology, such as delays resulting in a shortage of vital devices or infrastructure.

The Digital Transformation Framework, under proKura, provides UK policing with cost-effective, rapid and compliant access to a strategically selected ICT supplier base and their technology solutions.

The framework is designed to procure technology including digital transformation and managed services, without the need for extended and costly procurement exercises.

The Digital Transformation Framework provides access to a wide range of ICT services including services to enable solutions to be designed, built, tested and deployed to meet the changing needs of UK policing and law enforcement.

Benefits of the Digital Transformation Framework

Our team are able to plan, implement and maintain data management strategies, construction of spatial data infrastructures and GIS projects to enable police and health organisations to carry out their operations as efficiently as possible.

By contracting through the framework, police and health organisations can benefit from our professional services with our data experts, and also purchase from a variety GIS or data management solutions to meet their operational needs.

What we can offer

Data is an essential asset for proactive and preventative solutions to protect the public from harm.

As an approved supplier on the Digital Transformation Framework, we provide a combination of professional services and automated data management technology from our data experts.

By managing both spatial and non-spatial data, we endeavour to improve data governance, to drive improvements to operational efficiency and therefore ensure higher quality data that can enable the NPCC National Policing Digital Strategy.

Our service offering detailed below:

1. Planning and Discovery

Our consultants work alongside your team, understanding and learning about your data pain points. We collaboratively develop a data strategy with you that directly supports key business objectives. An implementation plan that details a refined process and technology roadmap will provide you with a clear way to gain better control and management of your data, improve operational efficiencies, and enable evidence-based intelligence analysis and decisions.

2. Implementation and Deployment

Our experts work with you to deliver a data quality implementation plan, supporting you throughout the data journey.

Typical deployments include:

  • ensuring data quality validation
  • data integrity & assurance as well as improving the quality of existing data and processes
  • migrating data to new models
  • developing new system architectures
  • performing platform or technology refreshes
  • establishing improved data governance practices and processes using rules and standards to maintain the quality of your data and systems into the future

Our advanced geospatial technology and data experts involved in the implementation process are technology agnostic, adapting to any legacy or target IT infrastructure and data. We understand that sometimes clients want to re-use existing investments where possible, and therefore we take a flexible and agile approach to data quality model implementation plans.

3. Maintenance and Assurance

We offer a variety of support packages including office hours support helpdesk up to a full 24/7 off-site full managed service.

As well as our support packages, we provide several products allowing organisations to maintain the data quality established, ensuring continued trust in your data.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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