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G-Cloud 13

1Spatial have ten services available under GCloud 13 that can be found here.

Our G-Cloud 13 services are designed to support public sector organisations at every stage of their digital transformation.

Geospatial, GIS or mapping data is increasingly central to effective decision-making and digital by default approaches at all levels of government. However, the volume and variety of data (and data sources) makes it more difficult to manage that data to ensure consistency, currency and accuracy across the organisation.

Our G-Cloud services are designed to cover every stage of adopting digital from the management of data quality through to the design and deployment of web-based mapping applications that deliver greater insight and help users visualise their data.

The services are available under two G-Cloud categories (or “lots”): Cloud Software and Cloud Support. They are:

Cloud Software

1Spatial Data Quality and Data Governance Service

Service ID: 7994 7028 5265 285

Underpinned by 1Integrate, 1Spatial’s software for automatically validating, cleaning, and enhancing your location or geospatial data using rules.

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1Spatial Web Mapping GIS Service

Service ID: 2992 5104 0366 979

Underpinned by Geocortex Essentials, transforms the process of designing, building and managing web-based GIS and geospatial applications, helping you to accomplish even more with Esri’s ArcGIS® Enterprise.

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1Spatial Data Integration Cloud Service

Service ID: 8410 7018 2716 897

Using FME for data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). As a Platinum Partner 1Spatial provides ETL expertise wherever your data is located.

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1Spatial GIS and BIM Asset Management Service

Service ID: 3093 5175 1176 725

Our GIS and BIM Asset Management Cloud Service is a platform that uses automated asset information management processes, to create virtual real-world or digital twins.

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1Spatial Public Safety Data Quality Hub Service

Service ID: 9898 7212 8052 114

Our Public Safety Data Quality Hub Cloud Service is a platform of applications providing automated data quality solutions to common data quality problems designed with the emergency services, for the emergency services. 

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1Spatial Location Mobile Service

Service ID: 2237 6077 6363 809

A mobile platform that can build easy-to-use, flexible apps to enable data quality assurance when collecting geospatial data from the field.

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1Spatial 3D Data Management Service

Service ID: 4618 3135 8905 718

Using our products, apply all of the same spatial data checks in 3D as well as 2D.

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1Spatial Geospatial Data Quality Portal Service

Service ID: 2356 3933 5343 284

A portal to assure data at source, using 1Datagateway and 1Integrate.

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Cloud Support

1Spatial Data Management Implementation Service

Service ID: 5604 7007 2316 667

We work with clients to plan the deployment of our data management solutions and ensure they meet user needs. We can manage your entire project or provide expert planning advice where required. Our consultant's understanding of geospatial services gives insight to developing roadmaps, driving innovation and collaboration.

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1Spatial Data Management Advisory Service

Service ID: 6041 6371 1931 791

Our Data Management Advisory Services help you develop that data quality and data management strategy, to ensure that you configure a suitable cloud solution resulting in increased productivity and a return of investment.

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