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Self-Service App for Daily NBA Fantasy Analysis


Managing the Constantly Changing Landscape of Fantasy Sports


To turn NBA Players’ daily statistical output from real games into Fantasy Points and provide daily analysis & injury reports as fast as possible to be accessed via mobile.

Key Benefits:

  • Daily Fantasy value output of injuries and player statistics
  • Ability to choose multiple days for aggregated/periodic analysis
  • Can be operated via mobile, with results delivered by email
  • Daily injuries are known, including injury type & status
  • Provides competitive advantage – provided app by ESPN for competition only gives total fantasy points & limited statistical categories, severely limiting analysis for category-based competition
Case Study

An FME Journey through NBA Fantasy

“FME helped me convert last year's player stats into fantasy points and build a strong team initially. However, quick changes in injuries and rotations catch me off guard. I miss out on potential game-changers. FME provided me with instant information, which is crucial for smarter decisions.”

Michael Studdert Business Development Consultant, 1Spatial Australia


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