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North East Water frees up GIS Staff by auto-validation of as-built designs

North East Water provides water and sewage services to a population of around 110,000 people in 39 towns in north-east Victoria in Australia. Its operations rely on accurate representations of water infrastructure assets managed in a Geographic Information System (GIS).


Free up resources for GIS systems improvement without using customised or proprietary solutions


A Web-based self-service solution configured in FME Server for consulting engineers to automatically validate and upload as-built CAD drawings of new infrastructure to North East Water’s standards

Key Benefits:

  • Automated validation solution saves GIS team time previously spent helping correct CAD drawings
  • Web-based self-service solution means engineers take responsibility for the correctness of drawings
  • Allows retirement of previous validation solution which was inflexible and expensive to maintain
  • Greater standardisation of drawings imported into GIS system with better validation and logical tests
  • FME Server is easily maintained and extended and avoids GIS customisation or proprietary tools


Case Study

North East Water frees up GIS Staff by auto-validation of as-built designs

“Because FME is configurable, you don’t need too much expertise to extend or maintain a solution. With the GIS system, you must be a Python programmer to make any modifications. FME can be configured as a standalone element rather than a bespoke customisation which would make future GIS upgrades more complex.”

Paul Drummond Geographic Information Systems Coordinator, North East Water


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