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SLR's automated mobile noise assessment tool

SLR is a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions that help clients achieve their sustainability goals. The company delivers advice and support on a wide range of strategic and project-specific issues, including engineering, environmental management, planning, approvals and environmental specialist services.


Create an automated construction noise assessment service for major infrastructure projects


End-to-end service built in FME Server that integrates with a mobile phone app for construction managers to submit the activity type and location of equipment, proposed work hours, and receive a detailed report describing the noise impact on nearby properties.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored noise assessment reports turned around in minutes rather than hours
  • Reports requested via mobile or desktop, on site, at any time without contacting consultant
  • Reduces risk by fully capturing the intellectual property of acoustic engineers on a project
  • Less workplace stress with no need to manually produce reports outside working hours
  • Improves regulatory compliance with an audit trail of noise reports kept by FME Server

Case Study

SLR's automated mobile noise assessment tool

“1Spatial provided the smarts to get FME Server up and running. The documentation was available so we could take the intellectual property and customise an automated solution for the second, third and subsequent iterations.”

Peter McGown Technical Discipline Manager GIS & Information Systems, SLR Australia


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