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Integrating Datasets: Complex data modelling reduces flood risk for London Underground


To prioritise investment in flood risk mitigation, London Underground needed a detailed, network-wide analysis of its 270 stations.

Different agencies use different data formats and the project team collated up to 5,000 datasets containing information on terrain, location of water mains, surface water flooding, river and sea flooding, reservoirs and groundwater.

Many agencies use the British National Grid to define location, but London Underground requires greater accuracy (within engineering tolerances) and uses its own London Survey Grid.

The project team needed a solution to easily translate large datasets, received in different file formats, from one coordinate system to another.


1Spatial provides support, consultancy and training for Safe Software’s FME product. The team developed a streamlined translation process to transform incoming datasets into the required format, freeing expert time to focus on analysis rather than data manipulation.

Case Study

Integrating Datasets: Complex data modelling reduces flood risk for London Underground

“FME is quite intuitive. You don’t need a programming background to use it. I’m largely self-taught and used the FME Knowledge Centre and 1Spatial’s support to learn how to do things.”

Naomi Ang Senior GIS Analyst, Transport for London


The new FME process saves huge amounts of time and money. Data translation can be run reliably and efficiently without the memory and system resource challenges experienced before. Benefits include:

  • Total data processing time reduced by 13 weeks per year
  • A workflow that took 20 minutes to write saved TfL £15,000 in survey work
  • Quicker, simpler and more accurate data translation
  • Translation process reduced from two weeks to 18 hours
  • Supporting and enhancing decision-making
  • Automated workflows enable TfL to integrate systems and data using GIS as a visual focus

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