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Despite the shortening days, we're getting creative with ArcGIS

The very word "October" has a somewhat melancholy ring to it that seems to reflect the time of year to which it belongs. The swallows and martens have flown south, the sun sags lower with each passing day, and the central heating seems to be firing disconcertingly often as the days shorten and memories of summer barbecues and warm, light evenings spent outdoors gradually fade.

At 1Spatial, we like to think that this is a creative time of year - a time for getting back to business after summer’s distractions; a time for networking, sharing ideas, and learning about new ways of being productive at work.

So how about we meet up and see what's new and interesting in the world we inhabit, the world of producing applications for ArcGIS?

On 16th October we're running some informal sessions in our Cambridge office that will look at various aspects of application production and deployment for Esri's outstanding platform. This will include a look at products from the Geocortex family, how deployment models and patterns of use are changing, and how we can bring technologies together to automate specific business processes which rely on geospatial information. Why did I say "informal"? Well, anyone who's been to one of these days before will know that we're a friendly bunch, not overly hung up on formality. Yes, of course there's a structure. My starring role, as ever, is the welcome, the health and safety briefing, and the refreshment breaks and facilities. Well within my capabilities and experience, my team would argue.

But then we have an agenda of sessions with greater breadth and depth, ably presented by a number of members of our consulting team, all highly experienced in, well, pretty much what you also do – producing GIS applications. We'll update you on recent Geocortex product developments and what's planned for the future. We'll share project experiences with you, and we'll listen, share, discuss, and critique ideas you have for tackling GIS problems you've been tasked with solving.

There are no pre-requisites for coming. Yes, this will very much appeal to those already using Geocortex products for the ArcGIS platform. Indeed, we call days such as this "Geocortex User Days". But don't be put off if you're not a "User". Given that some of the really interesting and useful tools are for use in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, we fully expect the session to be of interest to anyone who's building apps on Esri's technology. That's what we all have in common, after all... ArcGIS.

So will you come? Register here.

Written by John Hartshorn, Geocortex Division Manager.