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GDV Hub enables geospatial data compliance with A-SPEC standard

Australia, 02nd  February 2022 (

1Spatial, the global geospatial software and solutions leader, together with DIGITAL-HIVE is thrilled to announce the launch of its Geospatial Data Validation Hub, GDV Hub. This “one-stop” self-service portal allows developers, councils and utilities providers to submit and validate their GIS data against industry standards such as A-SPEC and, where appropriate, automatically apply logical corrections.

A-SPEC is a suite of data specifications supporting the delivery of machine-readable data relating to infrastructure assets.

With GDV Hub, professionals who are required to submit data to councils and referral authorities, as part of the asset handover process for subdivisions and capital projects, can have confidence that their data is compliant with the relevant standards.  

An easy-to-use and affordable data validation and autocorrection portal, users can lodge their design and as-constructed data online to validate their data in a few simple steps. 

The system also applies logical corrections to ensure compliance.

GDV Hub has been set up to automatically read files in a range of formats, determine which disciplines of the A-SPEC standard validations are required to check against and ensure compliance to the required standard.

Users are able to manage their submissions and review the performance of previous submissions using the built-in dashboard. The platform also supports external dashboards such as PowerBI.

The GDV Hub is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and requires no additional software to be purchased or installed. Users can simply register on the GDV Hub to start validating their design and as-constructed data.

George Havakis, Managing Director of GISSA said “I am excited about the sophistication and ease that The Hub will provide to the A-SPEC Community at large. This is a game changer. I am just imagining now, how all the work and effort that was previously required to set up the field names, capitalisation, their data types etc is a thing of the past simply by using the field mapping and auto correction features."

Andrej Mocicka, Country Manager 1Spatial Australia commented, “1Spatial is proud to be a part of the GDV Hub which is using our patented business rules engine of 1Integrate and the portal functionality of 1DataGateway. We look forward to seeing a dramatic improvement in the submission from developers to councils and relevant authorities – saving all involved in the submission process time and money!” 

If you would like to find out more, download our On-Demand Webinar “Your one Stop Shop GDV-Hub".