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1Spatial World Tour 2023: Unveiling the Power of Data Foundations with Bob Chell

The 1Spatial World Tour kick-started in Australia with an impressive turnout of almost 500 attendees across 8 stops around Australia and Singapore and over 20 customer success stories. This was a great start before we moved on to UK, France and the US!

The 1Spatial Australia World Tour Theme, “Building Stronger Data Foundations”, which is essential for data governance being the overall theme of the 1Spatial World Tour, resonated with everyone in attendance. All presenters jumped on board with the theme of High-Viz vests and hard hats, adding to the occasion. However, as we moved from city to city, some joked that we may have taken the theme to far with hazard tape. Nonetheless, the events successfully emphasised the importance of data and good data governance, empowering end-users through a perfect data integration platform.

Throughout the event, many discussions were had regarding topics ranging from digital twins, emergency response for floods and bushfires, data validation and transformation to solve daily data issues more efficiently. Building working solutions that are easy to support, maintain, share and explain to new team members. Also providing for easy deployment, to fit into IT governance policies. 

 A key to a lot of successful transformation projects. The exchange of ideas and networking fostered a diverse community spirit, leading to insightful discussions and the birth of great concepts.

The updates from the 1Spatial team included previews of new products such as FME2023 through to the new GDV Hub, showcasing features like conditional parameters and the new Classifier transformer. Safe Software and the FME Evangelist have now started talking about those publicly, so keep a look out for that.

The World Tour, offered a valuable opportunity for attendees to maximise their learning. Moreover, users shared their experiences of plugging together the right products to achieve better, easier-to maintain solutions that align with IT governance policies.

The focus on “building solid data foundations” highlighted the significance of quality and trusted location data, by minimising risks and surprises related to assets. Partnership and collaboration were emphasised as essential components to tackle the multitude of challenges faced in Australia and worldwide.

In Conclusion, the Australian leg of the World Tour showcased a range of projects, including government cadastre updates, emergency response systems, digital twin for the built environment, transportation, and utility digital transformation. The collective efforts of the 1Spatial community and our strategic partners play a vital role in solving these complex issues. As we continue to address real-world problems using geospatial data, we look forward to future updates and growth.

Written by Bob Chell, 1Spatial's Chief Product Officer (CPO)

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