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Important Notice Regarding EPSG:7850 Reprojection in FME 2023

It has come to our attention that there is an issue with reprojection involving EPSG:7850 in FME Form 2023.

Reprojecting data to/from EPSG:7850 is incorrect due to incorrect definition of EPSG:7850 in FME Form 2023. This has been identified as a bug and affects both Reprojector and CSMapReprojector transformers. Transformers  EsriProjector and PROJReprojector which uses their own reprojection definitions.

Temporary Workaround

We recommend the following workaround suggested by Safe Software:

  1. Open the following FME Form document in a text editor:


Just note, the text editor will need to be opened as an Administrator in order to make changes to this .db file (right-click on my Notepad start icon and choose to Run as Administrator).

  1. Once the .db file is opened, please add the following line to the Australia section of the document:


See screenshot below for guidance on making this change:

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