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Australia, 20th  July 2023, ( 1Spatial in partnership with Digital Hive have much pleasure in announcing that the Geospatial Data Validation Hub (GDV Hub) is now available!

1Spatial and Digital Hive have been developing the GDV Hub to provide a SaaS solution to Validate and Correct as-built and design data required for submission to councils and referral authorities to the A-Spec standard. The GDV Hub will support the latest version of A-Spec to be published in Sept 2023.

The GDV Hub is easily accessible any time via the GDV Hub portal ( No need to purchase software or install any applications on your PC. A simple Pay As You Use system, where it will automatically detect which A-Spec discipline you are submitting and provide a report on your data's compliance to the A-Spec standard.

Reports provided are endorsed by the authorities of the A-Spec standard, ensuring submissions to councils and referral authorities can be accepted confidently as being compliant to the A-Spec standard.

"This is one of the most powerful tools I have had the opportunity to work with. The A-Spec standard is always evolving to support it's growing community across Australia and New Zealand, and we are looking forward to making a positive contribution to it. Work is already underway to support the new versions of the standard, which are due for release in September 2023."

Gaby van Wyk Principal of Digital Hive

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Feel free to get in touch with us, and the GDV Hub team will be delighted to offer any advice or guidance you may need.

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