1Spatial hosted its very own World Tour, featuring FME during the month of May 2023. We kick-started this epic event in Australia, followed by Singapore, France, US and the UK!

During this event, we heard about the importance of foundation data and how customers trust 1Spatial’s wide range of products and solutions. We learn how they are being used by clients all around the world and how they are saving time and money.

In the following weeks/months, we will be sharing a series of presentations from the 1Spatial world tour. So stay tuned for insightful updates!

Building your data foundations

We are thrilled to share with you Bob Chell, 1Spatial's Chief Product Officer (CPO) from the UK presentation talking about the 1Spatial Products and how they are being used around the world.

An FME journey through NBA Fantasy

Michael Studdert showcased his journey through FME by presenting his much more optimised, automated workflow that provides statistical analysis for NBA Fantasy, replacing CSV files with URL data feeds and using FME Server to schedule workflows.

Foundation Data - Powering Enterprise and Enabling Good Government

Whilst foundation data is a commonplace term across the industry, do you know what it means and why is it important in the Australian context?

Geoscape Australia's, Shaun Bennett will discuss how Foundation Data is at the forefront of empowering businesses and government entities with the tools and insights they need to thrive and serve their communities effectively. Join us as we uncover the transformative power of data and its pivotal role in driving success in both the private and public sectors.

Digital Cadastre Modernisation Impact at Yarra Valley Water

State government initiative to modernise the cadastre by accurately mapping impacted the YVW asset's location as they were mapped in relation to the position of the older cadastre. This presentation will highlight the work YVW has undertaken and 1Spatial assisted us in completing.