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FME World Fair 2021: Data Makes the Ferris Wheel Go Round with 1Spatial Australia

Step right up, step right up! Settle in and get comfortable as we take you on a journey through the land of data dreams. During this session, you will hear real user stories and how our customers overcame their data challenges with the help of FME. Circus dreams really do come true at our FME World Fair!


  • 1Spatial Intro: Andrej Mocicka - 1Spatial | Welcome to the 1Spatial hosted FME World Fair event, a showcase of our innovative customers!
  • Safe Software update with Ardi Bakhitiary.
  • Customer Showcase: Sheree Scott - Tweed Shire Council | The benefits of FME Server.
  • Customer Showcase: Anthony Draga - DELWP | FME makes spatial data accessible.
  • Customer Showcase: Cristhiane Ramos - Parks Victoria | GIS process for assessing fire impacted PV assets.
  • Wrap up – Andrej Mocicka – 1Spatial | Thanks, and post-event resources.