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In this webinar, we talk about how migrating straight into the ArcGIS Utility Network without cleaning your data first can result in many errors, reduce functionality and be very time-consuming.

Using our newly released UN Validation App, you can utilise the Asset Package (FGDB) to do multiple iterations until you're confident you have the data and the model just right.

Highlights include:

  • Utilising the Asset Package to enable efficient iterations and de-risk your migration
  • Validate your data against the configured Utility Network rules
  • Propose rules that you have missed based on the geometric relationships within your data

Who this is for?

  • Those already undergoing migration and want to hear how to overcome data quality issues
  • Those considering a move to the Utility Network
  • Partner organisations of customers looking to undertake a migration to the Utility Network

Our migration approach

If you'd like to learn more about our Utility Network Apps, or would like a demo, get in touch.

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