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FME World Fair 2021: Where Your Data Dreams Come True with 1Spatial Australia

Find your seat on the carousel and join us for our last FME World Fair session where you will have the chance to witness all the circus specialties FME has to offer! From Government department user stories to our technical team taking, you beyond your imagination, learning amazing skills and tricks with the 1Spatial Team!


  • 1Spatial Intro: Andrej Mocicka - 1Spatial | Welcome to the 1Spatial hosted FME World Fair event, a showcase of our innovative customers!
  • Safe Software update with Ardi Bakhitiary.
  • Customer Showcase: Jonathan Stanger - Spatial Partners | Magic Tricks for taming wild external systems using SSH Tunnels and high-volume HTTP calls.
  • Customer Showcase: Barrett Higman - HVP | Using data to drive decision making with FME.
  • Q & A Session with Safe Software and the 1Spatial Technical team.
  • Wrap up: Andrej Mocicka – 1Spatial |Thanks, and post-event resources