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  • Around the World with 1Spatial | Andrew Bashfield -1Spatial
  • The Fuel to Reach Your Business Goals | Andrew Bashfield - 1Spatial
  • Accelerating Your Business Automation Journey | Andrew Bashfield - 1Spatial
  • FME and Managing Data to the Tweed Flood Response | Sheree Scott & Jacqueline Batchelor - Tweed Shire Council
  • Raster Imagery Manipulate using HTML | Greg Patterson - RMIT University
  • Automation of External Data Importing Process | David Capon & Kwang-Ho Yang - Western Power
  • Land Acquisition on a Large-Scale Rail Project | Mike Gresham - Australian Rail Track Corporation
  • Using FME To Create an NBA Fantasy Draft Board | Michael Studdert - 1Spatial
  • Automated Data Harmonisation and Cleansing |Michael Breen - Inner West Council
  • The FME Platform for Construction GIS |Leon Bowers - Acciona
  • Putting Dynamic Engines to Work |Jonathan Stanger - Spatial Partners
  • Biological Data Validation for Compliance | Andrew Mcgonagle & Gabby Dale - Fortescue Metals Group
  • Urban utilities use FME Server to Integrate Data with Other Enterprise Systems Data in Real Time |Timothy Jones - Urban Utilities  
  • Integrating Location in Asset Management | Rob Choucroun - Clarita Solutions
  • Simplifying and Automating MCA Projects | Christopher Lambert - Jacobs
  • Putting Environment on the Map | Andrew Keats - Sydney Trains

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