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Throughout this "Special coverage of Smarter Data Smarter World" (SDSW), you will see how organisations are sharing and using trusted geospatial data to achieve sustainability and Net Zero goals. Hear from industry experts around the world about the latest innovations and how we are all collaborating, to make the world safer, smarter and more sustainable.

  • Sustainability: We are all striving to sustainably meet the changing data needs and expectations of our users, stakeholders, and regulators, whilst reducing our ecological footprint. See how the adoption of smarter technology can help achieve sustainability goals.
  • Innovation: Data is at the centre of businesses and that data increasingly must be accurate, first time and every time it’s required. Hear how organisations are using innovative solutions to create and make available accurate and timely data, for data-led decision making.
  • Collaboration: Multiple data sources and multiple data users and stakeholders emphasise the need for up-to-date data at the touch of a button. Discover how through collaboration and engagement businesses are saving time, money, and effort, while increasing productivity.


  • 1Spatial - Andrej Mocicka, Country Manager - Welcome to Smarter Data Smarter World 2021
  • 1Spatial - Seb Lessware & Bob Chell 1Spatial Technology Showcase
  • Environment Agency - Karen Alford - Flood and Coastal Risk
  • 1Spatial - Andrew Bashfield, Sales Manager - 1Spatial products to help manage Spatial Data 

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