After a successful consulting and prototype phase, SINFOGEO was awarded a public tender to complete the production of a new national 100K scale cartographic series in Spain. This involved the integration of the BCN200 product from IGN Spain with the C series product from CEGET.


By utilising the 1Spatial Cloud platform, SINFOGEO were able to underpin the quality assurance of their project at every step of the data supply chain. The fact that it was a cloud-based service also meant that they could remove all of the expensive and time consuming set up activities involved in deploying software and hardware at each contributor’s site across Spain.


The final database created is now fit-for purpose and can be used by the Spanish Government and Army to fulfil their different requirements. The next phase of the project is generalisation so that they can use the data at different scales and are able to derive multiple different products from the database, something they could not have moved on to without a trusted data set.

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“Working with the team at 1Spatial was great and together we quickly created and tested all the rules that the Government and Army needed. This meant we didn’t need to employ and pay staff on our side or develop many new things on our own.”

Jimena Martinez, GIS Project Manager | SINFOGEO

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