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Cambridge, UK, 10th  July 2023, ( 1Spatial, the global provider of geospatial software and solutions for improved data governance, is excited to announce the launch of 1Capture – a customisable mobile application for “right first time” data capture.

1Capture is a commercially available mobile GIS editing application that is multi-use, configurable and helps customers address a variety of real-world problems. It provides accurate and reliable GIS data collection and editing in the field for a multitude of asset, job, and survey types. 

Customisable rules and actions work to improve your data quality at the point of capture. This ensures good quality data is captured at source, whilst minimising costly re-surveys. The built-in rules engine automatically validates and corrects the GIS and non-GIS data collected, whether working online or offline.

1Capture connects with a variety of GIS environments including Esri ArcGIS and open-source technologies such as PostGIS and Geoserver. 

1Capture provides a mobile capability to 1Spatial’s other leading geospatial products. Customers using 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway alongside 1Capture can be assured of consistent validation rules for both web and mobile data submissions.

Philip Welch, Senior Product Manager for 1Capture says:

“1Capture places 1Spatial’s core validation capabilities in the palm of your hand to ensure field data is collected in the most effective and accurate way possible. Suitable for any asset model, survey, or job type, 1Capture is flexible and configurable to perform surveys or jobs with a level of assurance not offered by other GIS mobile apps. Automatic validation and correction mean less wasted effort during and after data capture this increases trust in your data and provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions.” 

Robert Chell, CPO for 1Spatial added:

“1Capture’s survey capabilities expands our customers’ ability to collect trusted, validated data that is right first time. Clean data at the point of survey reduces post-survey processing and the value of that data can be utilised more rapidly. Sharing the rules engine with 1Integrate and 1DataGateway; 1Capture mobile users can pre-validate, or correct failed data submissions using the same rules available in the web.
Through 1Capture, our other products and ongoing enhancements, 1Spatial is committed to providing dynamic market offerings that utilise our world leading data management capabilities, enabling our customers to unlock the value of their data.”

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Take a look at the product page to see in more detail how it can help you and your business.

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