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Watch Simon Ashby, Enterprise Solutions Architect at 1Spatial, Sheila Steffenson, Chief Executive Officer of 1Spatial Inc (USA) and Kevin Sigwart, Chief Operating Officer of 1Spatial Inc (USA) as they discuss their experiences in managing numerous spatial data projects across a range of sectors.

Who should watch?

This webinar is aimed at Chief Data Officers, Data Architects, Solutions Architects, GIS Data Managers, Data Quality and Data Governance Managers, and GIS professionals who already have a good understanding of data governance principles but are looking for practical implementation advice about spatial data governance and management.

Spatial Data Governance in Practice Webinar outline

  • The link between spatial data quality and data governance
  • The tenets of spatial data quality and what happens when there is no data governance
  • How to avoid common obstacles in spatial data management projects
  • Successful spatial data management projects in action