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We regularly run free and educational webinars, however if you’ve missed one or want to watch again, we’re giving you unlimited access to our collection of recent webinars. Catch up on product updates, new features, best practice, how to overcome industry challenges and learn hints and tips from the experts.

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Building and managing connected and disconnected applications for ArcGIS

During this webinar you will discover how Geocortex Essentials is used to configure ArcGIS applications for use on multiple device platforms for both connected and disconnected field users.

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FME 2017 – 5 hot features you might have missed

During this webinar recording we’ll highlight some of our favourite features and why you might want to take a closer look at the latest release from Safe Software.

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Understanding return-on-investment from GIS infrastructure

During this webinar you will discover how to get more out of your GIS infrastructure with application performance monitoring software that pays for itself.

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Tuning FME 2017 for speedy data processing

During this webinar recording we’ll highlight some useful performance tips and tricks with the latest version of FME, to help your data flow faster and more efficiently to your target environment.

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Real time collaboration in Esri web mapping applications

During this webinar recording you will discover how Geocortex Decision Support helps you visualise and understand the current situation as it develops, and collaborate with your team using shared live maps and “marker” tools.

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