Supply Chain Data Quality

Introducing data quality, assurance processes and tools into the supply chain, reducing time and cost


  • The assurance of good quality data, as data is validated at source
  • The transportation operators can make informed decisions, based on reliable data
  • Reduced risk of time and cost overruns, regulatory fines or catastrophic system failures caused by poor data
  • The process is simple and is saving money for the transport operator
  • A combination of quality and Location Master Data Management


The Challenge 

Transport owner-operators have to manage a range of companies, contractors and sub-contractors within their supply chain. Data requirements are set by the central organisation to the entire supply chain, which in turn facilitates the efficient completion of its specific operational objectives.

The difficulty lies, in the manual quality checks of this data, using professional knowledge and statistically based sampling techniques. This process often results in errors in the data being missed, leading to time delays and cost pressures for the transport operator. Furthermore, the process often results in the data validation and quality checks happening multiple times, to ensure that it has been done effectively.

As only a small percentage of data is checked, therefore, there is a lot of room for errors to slip through into the central organisation. The errors in the data can cause regulatory fines further down the lines or catastrophic system failures caused by poor data.


The Solution

The 1Spatial Rules-Based Approach drives consistency of data quality into extended supply chains, allowing organisations to validate data at source, checking for completeness, correctness and consistency, before it is submitted through the supply chain. By using the Supply Chain Data Quality Solution to automate the validation process, it reduces the complexity of the process and ultimately saves the transport operator money in supply chain data processing.

Moreover, by automating the validation of data, the organisation can see the improved speed from data capture to decisions being made. The flow of the data helps decision-makers to build, manage, operate and maintain the transportation system. The Supply Chain Data Quality Solution provides dashboard and reporting features, which enables an organisation to ensures that all the data flowing up and down the supply chain, is complete, accurate and consistent and provides the ability to easily identify the errors in your data.

The Result

Good quality data, that is accurate throughout the supply chain by combining Location Master Data Management with data validation. This ensures that transportation operators can make informed decisions, based on reliable data. The automation of this process, reduces risk of errors resulting in regulatory fines and system failures caused by poor data. The process is simple to implement and saves considerable time and resource for the organisation. Furthermore, it enables organisations to offer a dependable service that enhances the customer experience.


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