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Delivering automated data governance, cleansing, validation and  enhancement

Our powerful rules engine 1Integrate can be used in limitless applications. We're proud of our collaborative approach with our clients, which means we've been able to deliver highly automated geospatial data frameworks that deliver trust in how their data is captured, maintained and organised. Look at how we’ve helped some of our key clients.

"One of the things we’ve seen from our engagement with 1Spatial is that our approach to data management is different, We’re seeing some real improvements in streamlining and automating our processes and we’re managing our data in a more efficient and effective way. At the end of the day that helps in meeting our four objectives."

Tim Trainor Geography Division Chief at US Census Bureau

"I’m really proud that despite the challenges, we can continue to progress this really exciting and important project, as originally planned and on time, with our partners, 1Spatial."

Clive Surman-Wells Operational Solutions Manager, Northumbrian Water Group

Working collaboratively

"Everyone is looking for platforms, and tools and processes like 1Spatial that will allow us to share and translate data to support more of these (collaboration) efforts."

Natalie Lee Geospatial Data Programs Manager, State of Georgia

"We have an acknowledged world-wide reputation for the quality of our products and the involvement of 1Spatial in this project has given us immense confidence in our ability to manage the quality of our data, which in turn protects our revenues by maintaining customer satisfaction. They not only ‘speak our language’ but also have the ability to work constructively with other organisations to provide a broader solution to suit our needs."

Malcolm Havercroft Head of Operations for Data Collection & Management, Ordnance Survey

"The automated geoCOBie data assurance processes for collecting, collating, analysing, and sharing data appropriately on asset performance provides us with the insight we need to improve productivity and deliver benefits to society."

Karen Alford Flood and Coastal Risk Manager, Environment Agency

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