1Spatial Management Suite


Our spatial data management environment provides a suite of products to efficiently and consistently plan, maintain and publish your data, whilst also automating your production workflows.

This supports the key stages of the spatial data lifecycle, enabling your organisation to continually launch new and innovative products and services.

“This innovative approach will provide OSi with greater flexibility and scalability for the future growth of our organisation, enhancing services, data quality and value to the State.”

Colin Bray, CEO | Ordnance Survey Ireland

“The individuals that we have worked with at 1Spatial have demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements as well as a profound grasp of data management and data integrity issues in a broader context.” 


Malcolm Havercroft, Head of Operations for Data Collection & Management | Ordnance Survey GB

The 1Spatial Management Suite enables you to:

    • Rapidly respond to real-world change ensuring your spatial data is always current, accurate and trusted
    • Increase productivity and reduce operational costs by adopting automated spatial data management and quality assurance workflows
    • Meet continually changing market needs with scalable and flexible on-demand product generation.

The 1Spatial Management Suite is built from 1Spatial’s high-performance products and is underpinned by enterprise database and Service Oriented Architecture technology from industry leaders such as Oracle.

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