1Exchange manages the extraction and submission of data packages to and from an Oracle database.

This allows you to provide data editors with access to all necessary feature data, metadata and supporting resources (imagery, DTM) for a job and allows their edits to be submitted back.

1Exchange can be used to:

  • Extract feature data from an Oracle database
  • Extract ancillary feature data such as change intelligence or planning data
  • Provide other supporting data such as imagery
  • Specify complex extraction rules (spatial and identifier based) via configuration interface
  • Automate the packaging of all required job data and metadata required for editing
  • Accept change only GML in order to update feature databases efficiently and enable change only data product supply
  • Extract feature data conflicts identified by 1Transact from an Oracle database, so that they can be resolved by an editor and submitted back as a change only
  • Scalable, enterprise grade performance.


  • Improve responsiveness to your customers and reduce the cost of capturing valuable change intelligence through the automatic submission of changes by users
  • Allows your editors to be more informed and effective by providing all relevant data for a job
  • Maximise your investment in existing data sources through re-use
  • Allow incremental updates to data products, giving you a ‘product-ready’ supply database
  • Gain and retain customers by reducing data errors and improving your publication frequency
  • Integrate with Oracle Workspace Manager and 1Transact to allow long transactions so that data submissions can be kept out of the live data until it is valid.

1Exchange can collaborate with:

  • 1Transact to isolate extraction and submission from other users
  • 1Workflow to support the automation of data extraction and submission
  • 1Edit to supply your editors with the required data and push change only updates back into your database.

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