1Workflow automates and integrates the operation of all services within the 1Spatial Management Suite.

This orchestrates the flow of data between products and provides you with a fully defined and auditable lifecycle for user jobs.

1Workflow can be used to:

  • Manage long-running workflow processes for individual users
  • Automatically maintain the status of jobs
  • Coordinate job planning, extraction, editing, submission, validation, conflict detection and publication
  • Provide a personalised Worklist application for each system user showing allocated jobs and status
  • Automate the exchange of data with the 1Spatial Management Suite
  • Record each user and service interaction for every workflow process
  • Examine the audit trail for each workflow process (in-progress and completed)
  • Ensure resilience and availability through clustered service deployment and a shared database
  • Recover automatically from infrastructure or service failures
  • Define extension points to meet your particular business needs.


  • Allows you to deliver operational efficiency by adding an automatic business process to existing environments
  • Minimises the cost of manual data tracking and checking through service orchestration and automation
  • Identify productivity bottlenecks in the data lifecycle using detailed data quality metrics and system audit reports
  • Reduce the risk of you losing valuable data in the event of infrastructure failures through built-in disaster recovery and high availability services
  • Safeguard your production by ensuring that correct business process is always followed
  • Saves you money by reducing the need for bespoke development
  • Reduce effort by ensuring that all parts of your business process is controlled
  • Gives you peace of mind by relying on industry standard infrastructure.

1Workflow can collaborate with:

1Workflow can automate and integrate with all products in the 1Spatial Management Suite to fully automate production workflows throughout the entire data lifecycle.

More information

For more information about 1Workflow or any of the other products within the 1Spatial Management Suite, please contact us.