FME for COVID-19

Free FME Licenses for COVID-19 Projects


Our friends at Safe Software are once again offering FREE FME Licenses!

In an effort to help with the current state of affairs, Safe Software is offering FME for free to those researching or working on projects related to COVID-19.

Contact us if any of the below relates to you:

  • Researching or working on a project related to COVID-19
  • Working from home and cannot access your floating FME license
  • Would like to extend your free COVID-19 license after the September 30, 2020.


Whilst we move to operating remotely, our intention is to deliver an excellent service. We are here if you need us and are thinking of all our customers, partners, and our community around the world as we all join together at this time.

If you require further information regarding our COVID-19 policies and contingency plans, please complete the form.

Available until at least September 30, 2020.

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