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The Basics

How long is my trial for?

  • 30 days

What products will I have access to?

  • 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway.

What version of the products will I have access to?

  • The latest versions supported. See our Release Notes for details of our latest supported releases. 

What assistance will I receive?

  • Our experts are on hand to help you during your trial, and you’ll also get access to our online training which you can take at your own pace.

Your Data, Our Tech

Where is my trial hosted?

  • Your trial is hosted in the 1Spatial public cloud, which is run in Microsoft Azure. The trial environment is based in the UK-South environment and is compliant with all GDPR policies and procedures.

What do you do with my data?

  • 1Spatial does not use your data at all. If you choose not to proceed after the trial, then your data is deleted. If you choose to purchase the 1Spatial products, you will have to synchronise any data you want to keep in the trial environment to our production environment, as detailed in our online documentation.
  • The only time we’d look at your data is if you asked us to as part of a support request.
  • Please note: you are responsible for control of your user access permissions

How many users can I have in my trial?

  • For 1Integrate, you will have full access for 5 accounts. These accounts can also create API keys to use the REST API.
  • For 1Data Gateway, you will have 5 accounts. For more information on user roles see our online documentation.

What access will users have during my trial?

  • 1Integrate users will be able to upload data, create rules and actions, and run sessions - either via the user interface or the API. They will also be able to create API keys and view the dashboard for general activity.

What data limits are there?

  • Data uploads are limited to file-based formats or feature services.
  • Reasonable fair use policy – if you’re submitting huge amounts of data or very complex files, we reserve the right to rate limit if it impacts the quality of our service.

What Next?

What can I do to get started?

  • Your trial includes access to our online training. You can also see our documentation for more information.

What if I really like your product?

  • Congrats! We’ll give you access to a production environment and you’ll be able to continue using our products!