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Location: Online
Date: 26th November 2024
Start: 11:00 AM (GMT)
Duration: 30 minutes

TechOne's ERM & CRM migration to cloud store has brought about interoperability challenges supporting legacy data stores and affected workflows. FME is utilised as the integration engine to provide connectivity between ArcGIS Portal feature services and the T1 Customer Requests SaaS store via a sFTP exchange of files.

This webinar will demonstrate the use of a Change Detector transformer to compare each dataset, writing the new or updated records to the ArcGIS Portal. FME Flow is utilised to schedule the synchronisation at intervals suitable for the data volume.

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What to expect from this session:

  • Ask our experts any of your FME questions
  • See a live demonstration
  • Hear how to get the most from your FME investment
  • Discover some handy tips and tricks along the way

This webinar is part of our free FME education programme where we focus on one specific topic and dive deep under the covers to highlight a particular data challenge or solution.

All of our historic webinars are published here and on YouTube.

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