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Location: Online
Date: 24th September 2024
Start: 11:00 AM (BST)
Duration: 30 minutes

In this webinar we'll look at some of the more unusual formats, and transformers, that help us get information into and out of FME; such as Automation Writer, File Copier and Directory File Reader.

Whether you're new to FME or an experienced user, our free webinars are packed with tips, tricks and knowledge to take your FME expertise to the next level!

What to expect from this session:

  • Ask our experts any of your FME questions
  • See a live demonstration
  • Hear how to get the most from your FME investment
  • Discover some handy tips and tricks along the way

This webinar is part of our free FME education programme where we focus on one specific topic and dive deep under the covers to highlight a particular data challenge or solution.

All of our historic webinars are published here and on YouTube.

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