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The Enedis Group is one of the leaders in the energy market within Europe, generating and distributing to both homes and businesses. The group is France’s main electricity generation and distribution company through the production of nuclear and hydraulic energy. 95.9% of the electricity output is carbon neutral and Enedis manages all of the country’s nuclear reactors. In 2008, management of Enedis shared services chose a new tool for managing its datacentres (management of its IT equipment and cabling). The aim was to harmonise production monitoring tools, to better manage their assets, to produce relevant indicators and to exchange information with other applications of the Information System.


The implementation of datacentres and cable infrastructure tool has helped to manage the rooms’ plans (positioning and elevation views of racks and assets), assets templates library (name, dimension, weight, power consumption, heat output), copper, optical and electrical conductors.


The implementation of our solution has optimised the internal processes and improved communication between technical teams, allowing them to be both more effective and responsive. It has also enabled them to monitor data quality and achieve customised extractions, allowing them to easily search their database by any axis.

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