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An Aerodrome Mapping Database (AMDB) is a geospatial database to describe airports. AMDBs represent a collection of aerodrome information that is organised and arranged for ease of electronic storage and retrieval in systems that support aerodrome surface movements, training, charting, and planning.

Two standards have been defined by the EUROCAE and are specified in two documents:

  • ED-99c: User requirements for aerodrome mapping information;
  • ED-119: Interchange standards for terrain, obstacle, and aerodrome mapping data.

These documents provide minimum requirements and reference material applicable to the content, origination, publication, updating and standardisation exchanges of aerodrome mapping information. They should be used to support the development and application of AMDBs.


1Integrate allows you to assess the quality of your source data sets, compared to geometric and functional specifications, and to apply transformations in order to make them compliant, through an automated processing service based on rules.

A number of rules has been implemented to assess the AMDB data for the Toulouse airport (data kindly lent by the SIA). For example, the Rule 6 specified in the document ED- 99c: “A taxiway element feature adjacent to a RunwayElement should be attached to the corresponding RunwayElement feature”.


Thanks to 1Integrate, automated sessions can be run using these rules to evaluate and validate the data returning the non-conformances to the user or alternatively automatically fixing/transforming

the geometry and attribute elements of the AMDB. This is an automated process, efficient, accurate and delivers reliable and consistent results.

Case Study

Geospatial Data Validation and Correction for your Airport

“1Integrate is the ideal solution to meet the user requirements for aerodrome mapping information.”



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