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Agricultural grants are an important source of income for the National Trust, which is responsible for 250,000 hectares of open land in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, collecting the data necessary for annual grant applications on 9,000 separate land parcels was onerous and time-consuming. With heavy penalties for misreporting, data accuracy was critically important but required many weeks of validation before grant applications could be submitted.


National Trust used Geocortex Essentials to automate data validation at the point of collection. Site Monitors, responsible for surveying land parcels are now able to review and correct data entries at entry, saving time and avoiding frustrating and inefficient phone calls after the event.


The Core Data Lead for National Trust has saved six weeks in post-collection collation and validation as a result of the solution. Automated validation reduces the chances of manual error and speeds the overall grant application process.

Case Study

Enabling National Trust to monitor and report progress towards wildlife habitat target

“VertiGIS Studio enables us to see our exact progress towards delivering 25,000 hectares of newly created or restored priority wildlife habitats by 2025. National Trust staff at all levels love it because it tells us if we are on target and enables easy, accurate and up to date reporting. We have a well-established relationship with 1Spatial who have used their in-depth understanding of our organisation and its drivers to support our migration to VertiGIS.”

Ian Dawes Product Manager, National Trust
Case Study

Automated data validation streamlines National Trust’s grant process

“For more complex workflows, we’ve had 1Spatial come in for consultancy days. They’re great at solving problems and giving us the building blocks to re-use in other projects. It’s a very collaborative approach.”

Chris Cawser Conservation Core Data Lead, National Trust


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