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ORANGE were looking for a tool without any specific CAD skills requirements that would enable them to manage their building infrastructure. In particular they wanted to manage the location and occupation of desks within their buildings so that they could optimise their office space.


After selecting 1Spatial’s Building One solution, several modules and settings were configured on the product to enable ORANGE to manage:

  • The infrastructure of the buildings,
  • The type and quality of office surfaces and associated information (room type, flooring, obsolete space, room occupant, evacuation area, etc.),
  • The placement location and utilisation of all desk space across their buildings,
  • The location of furniture and shared resources such as printers within the organisations infrastructure.

ORANGE also uses 1Spatial’s products to:

  • Import occupants from an external data source,
  • Create office reconfiguration scenarios based on existing asset information,
  • Import furniture from an asset inventory file.

Building Managers on a daily basis are required to keep the system up to date on staff movements and any building modifications.


As a result of the daily database updates, ORANGE are able to analyse and review information such as updated plans, a balance sheet used for the invoicing of surfaces, directory of where staff are located, statistics on the flooring, the number of available work places, lists of furniture and surfaces to understand the cleaning costs.

In addition to tracking the building furniture and staff movements, ORANGE also use the solution to manage some of their security information. This includes the location of all fire escapes and exits and the location of key security personnel. i.e. fire wardens.

The current database includes 12 sites in the Paris Region and 4 sites in the other regions; a total of 28 buildings representing over 300,000 sqm. and about 10,000 referenced people.

ORANGE France continues to integrate new sites throughout France. Moreover, EQUANT, ORANGE’s U.S. subsidiary, chose the same solution which is now deployed and maintained by 1Spatial’s partner FMX Solutions.

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