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The Environment Agency’s agile development aids rapid flood defence survey

In mid-February 2014, the government announced that military engineers would be deployed to assist the Environment Agency. 250 engineers from the navy, army, RAF and Royal Marines would conduct a “rapid inspection” of the nation’s 150,000 most critical flood defence assets to assess damage. These assets range from 15 – 20 kilometre long embankments to single sluice gates or outfalls. Defence Secretary Philip Hammond stated that, “we’re going to try and do in five weeks what would be about a two year programme of inspection.”

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The Environment Agency uses Geocortex Essentials for web-GIS to help inform decisions

The Environment Agency selected Geocortex Essentials as part of its Strategic Mapping Platform and next generation EasiMap application. 1Spatial, the UK and Ireland reseller for Latitude Geographics, supplied Geocortex Essentials and helped the Environment Agency implement the EasiMap application. EasiMap will be available to 12,000 people around England through the Environment Agency. On average, over 3,000 people in the Environment Agency will log into the system via the internal intranet every day.

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Increasing data quality and performance at the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency wanted to improve various aspects of the National Flood and Coastal Defence Database (NFCDD) to enhance the reliability and performance of spatial data held within their Oracle database. They were able to make significant time-savings and improve system performance by increasing the efficiency of spatial queries and data updates. Overall, the process enabled error-free data to be analysed and results obtained 35% faster than was possible before.

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“The feedback we’ve had from the business – from management and from engineers on the ground – has been amazing, really positive. We achieved a huge amount in a very, very short space of time.”

Alex Hincks, Senior Project Manager | Environment Agency

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