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Spatial become a member of techUK

Cambridge, UK, 16 July 2020, ( 1Spatial, a global leader in Location Master Data Management software, solutions and business applications is pleased to announce they have recently become members of techUK. techUK is the UK’s leading technology membership organisation, representing the companies and technologies that are defining today, the world that we will live in tomorrow.

1Spatial is passionate about collaborating with partners to unlock the value of their data and is striving to deliver transformation to create a more sustainable, safer and smarter world. 1Spatial believe that techUK and its membership provides a great platform to support this journey, through networking and learning with other members and together growing and contributing to creating a more sustainable society and smarter economy. In addition, it will provide access to up to date information on the latest developments in the market and the ever-changing technologies that impact our industry.

techUK work collaboratively with government and others, to provide expert guidance and insight for their members about how to prepare for the future, anticipate change and realise the positive potential of technology in a fast-moving world. As an active and engaged member, 1Spatial will be able to apply this additional insight to their offerings and provide even further value to their customers.

Sue Daley, Associate Director of Technology and Innovation, techUK, commented;

“Unlocking the power of location data will be key to driving forward the UK economy post-COVID-19. The recent launch of the Geospatial Commissions 2020-2025 Strategy emphasised the immense opportunities across all industries and sectors from continued investment and research into how to harness and use geospatial data.

As such, we are delighted to welcome 1Spatial to techUK and look forward to working together to showcase and champion how the full economic and social potential and value of location data across the UK can be fully realised.”

Dan Warner, Head of Government, 1Spatial, commented;

“It’s incredibly exciting to have become a member of techUK and we are eager to join and collaborate with digital leaders from across the public and the private sectors to help deliver a smarter world.  At 1Spatial our teams are passionate about how location data can support the transformation to a safer, smarter and more sustainable future, techUK gives a great platform for us to learn and collaborate with others that share our passion.”

If you have any questions for our team, then please contact us.