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Tell us about yourself?
I am a GIS Consultant working in the Geocortex team at 1Spatial, having started in January 2019 after graduating from Cranfield University with an MSc in Geographic Information Management.

Fun fact about you?
I have more metal in my lower left leg than bone, owing to a rugby injury!

What’s your favourite Geocortex product and why?
My favourite Geocortex product is Geocortex workflow because of the vast capabilities it can offer for developing a web GIS, and how easily these can be implemented within a range of viewers, including HTML5, Geocortex Web and ESRI’s Web App Builder.

What’s the most interesting data challenge you’ve tackled?
In February this year myself and two other members attended the Highways England Hackathon where we were tasked with combining UK highways data with accident data, I found this challenge really interesting because of the real world application of the data and the thrill of having to complete the challenge in less than 24 hours for the hackathon.

How long have you been working with Geocortex?
I have been working with Geocortex for nearly 18 months now, since starting at 1Spatial in January 2019.

What do you love about Geocortex?
I love the constant progress that is being made with Geocortex, since the start of 2019 alone, Geocortex have released 5 new applications to their suite of software, Geocortex Printing, Gecortex Mobile, Geocortex Web, Geocortex Inline, and most recently Geocortex Access Control.

If you were given an airline ticket to go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Queenstown, New Zealand, an incredibly scenic town with a giant lake in the base of a mountainous valley that provides some spectacular views, and there is a burger restaurant, Fergburger, that serves the best burgers in the world!

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