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Are you manacled by your Supply Chain’s Data Quality? Watch the webinar here for a demonstration on the benefits that can be obtained from the deployment of a supply chain data quality portal. 1Spatial uses its rules-based approach, delivered through a secure web portal, to enable transportation build and operations supply chains to work more effectively.

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Introduce data quality, assurance processes and tools into transportation infrastructure supply chains to reduce time and cost

As a transportation infrastructure owner-operator, or builder, you have to manage a range of companies, contractors and sub-contractors within a large supply chain. Checking the quality of data submitted can be incredible complex and time consuming. These checks are critical to avoid fines or system failures. Our solution allows you to drive data quality and consistency into extended supply chains to ensure data is validated at source before it is submitted.

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The Challenge

As a transport owner-operator, you have to manage a range of companies, contractors, and sub-contractors within your supply chain. Data requirements are set by the central organisation to the entire supply chain, which in turn facilitates the efficient completion of its specific operational objectives.

In many instances, only a small percentage of submitted data is checked for correctness, consistency, and completeness, leaving a lot of room for errors to slip through into the central organisation. These errors in the data can cause catastrophic system failures, costly delays, or regulatory fines further down the line.

The Solution

Our 1Spatial Rules-Based Approach drives consistency of data quality into extended supply chains. Data can be validated at the source, and checked for completeness, correctness, and consistency, before being submitted to the supply chain, and receiving data back from the supply chainAutomating the validation process reduces the complexity and ultimately saves valuable time and cost. The flow of data helps decision-makers to build, manage, operate, and maintain the transportation system. Our central dashboard and reporting feature gives you the visibility over your supply chain to ensure data is complete, accurate and consistent and allows you to easily identify any errors in your data.

The Result

Good quality data, that is accurate and up to date throughout your transportation asset Infrastructure owner, operator or build supply chain.

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