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Hear 1Spatial’s perspectives on 3D future trends for 3D vector data, including technology updates and customer scenarios.

Our CPO, Bob Chell and CTO, Seb Lessware talk through how spatial data and technology has evolved from 2D to 2.5D and expanding into solids and volumes for true 3D data.

We see the same patterns and trends that we experienced during the evolution of 2D data from scanned maps to 2D digital data, first for visualisation, and then into analysis.

Learning that the step from visualisation to analysis means you need to re-focus your attention to risks, particularly around data quality, are going to be just as important in 3D.

This is important for both data producers and data consumers.

This webinar will help you understand how to use data with different dimensions, especially in a 3D context, to support your sustainable data governance programmes through data quality management tools, data improvement processes right up to getting the most value from the data you capture and manage across your overall supply chain.

We will also show how we you can take maximum spatial advantage today by looking at the 3D data with all your other data (2D, 2,5D, LRS), in a single no-code development environment, to make sure we you are continuously improving what we you do and how we you do it.