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Key Benefits:

  • Enables the State to provide the locals with a user-friendly
    portal for data validation which produces a geospatial report identifying the issues and their exact location. The local entity can then download the report and bring it into their system of choice for data cleanup, making the process much easier and more efficient.
  • Provides the State with a dashboard to monitor how the locals are progressing over time (e.g. to show if their data is improving or declining) so the State can further support those who are struggling. The State can also see if particular validation rules are causing the majority of user issues, enabling the State to provide further guidance/education on those particular requirements.

For more than four decades, the Montana State Library (MSL) has provided authoritative geospatial data to its constituents and, since early in the millennia, has been the coordinating body for geographic information systems in the State of Montana, maintaining the government’s spatial data infrastructure. MSL was looking for a solution that empowered local governments and PSAPs to manage their data autonomously. This goal resulted in a rigorous Request for Proposal process that led them to select 1Spatial to partner with, facilitating their NG9-1-1 selection.

With a state legislature that understood the importance and value of a strong 9-1-1 data foundation, the Montana State Library was looking to provide the State’s PSAPs in 53 counties, which are the source of the most accurate, on-the-ground knowledge, with a tool that would allow them to govern and validate their data independently.

The Montana State Library deserves credit for fostering a strong culture of collaboration within the State that has been highly valuable in successfully implementing 1Spatial’s technologies.

This past year, they have hosted an exemplary training program
for their stakeholders from the State’s 53 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). The Montana State Library’s team also has a GIS professional dedicated to ensuring the success of their PSAP partners since, although location data is a natural fit into the world of 9-1-1, utilizing new technologies can frequently be bottlenecked by a lack of focused support.

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