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Senior Consultant
Location: USA
Employment Type: Permanent

The Senior Consultant is expected to know or quickly learn the 1Spatial Inc. consulting program and must have working knowledge of 1Spatial Management Suite products and geospatial data pattern recognition. The Senior Consultant is responsible for defining, designing, developing, integrating, testing, documenting, and maintaining 1Spatial Management Suite rule-sets.

The Senior Consultant will support business development activities and assist with pilot projects as requested and will contribute to shaping and maintaining the company’s Quality Management System.

The Senior Consultant works under limited supervision and may be asked to visit customer worksite with other colleagues to assist with customer training, on-site support, or attend project related meetings.

Required Skills and Experience:

Work experience:

  • One (1) to five (5) years of demonstrated work experience with GIS or CAD software products, spatial databases, preferably Oracle, and pattern recognition.
  • Using Microsoft Office products and other software tools to organize and analyze data and communicate information.
  • Understanding and following instructions in English.
  • Communicating effectively in written and oral English.
  • Perform work within established procedures with minimal supervision.
  • Producing high quality outputs in a timely fashion.
  • Maintaining focus when working under time constraints.
  • Demonstrating strong attention to details.
  • Demonstrating strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Managing time and working in an organized fashion.
  • Working effectively in team setting.
  • Demonstrate good customer service skills

Physical requirements:

  • Able to sit for long periods of time at a computer workstation
  • Visual acuity to perform computer work.
  • May be required to work at contractor site for periods of time

Education required:

  • Bachelor’s degree with focus on GIS, CAD or software development with at least 1 year of rule-authoring experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience with a focus on GIS.

Security requirements

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Must be eligible to obtain a DoD security clearance.

Preferred experience:

  • Thorough understanding of various geospatial data formats.
  • Experience using FME and SQL.
  • Implementing process improvements consistent with ISO 9001:2008 or similar standards.

Position Duties/Work Responsibilities

Technical Knowledge

  • Detailed knowledge of at least one key technology or product used at 1Spatial Inc.
  • Understand customer requirements, constraints and workflow and works within those to meet customer expectations.
  • Take ownership of your rule-set by responding promptly and professionally to bug reports and enhancement requests.
  • Provide input into workflow specifications/requirements, design documents (including use cases and ERDs), documentation of rules and actions, acceptance test plans, develop help files, installation guides and user manuals.
  • Coaches and trains customers on how to use the product in their environment.
  • Provide suggestions and advice on specific areas of functionality for products.

Data Analysis, Collection and Problem Solving

  • Write, test, debug, document and control the configuration of your rule-set.
  • Present rules-based data engineering processes that are applied to customer’s data.
  • Identify, document and present trends by reviewing validated data.
  • Integrate, test and debug workflow components in accordance with project requirements and 1Spatial Inc.’s software development standards and procedures.
  • Identify gaps, obvious errors and potential inaccuracies in data, requirements or designs and raises these concerns with Project Team lead when found.
  • Demonstrates a logical approach to researching and diagnosing customer issues.
  • Perform Peer Reviews/quality checks on data and deliverables to ensure the team meets customer quality goals.
  • Work with test team to specify test designs, test cases and perform testing with sample/live data.

Planning and Management

  • Plan ahead for what needs to be done within agreed timeframes.
  • Perform work in a manner that satisfies customer requirements in the areas of a) quality, b) due dates, c) hours to complete work.
  • Anticipate problems and offer solutions.
  • Work closely with the Project Manager to ensure customer requirements are fulfilled on-time and within budget.


  • Provide regular reporting to management on progress on assigned work, problems that require resolution in order to meet customer requirements, and plans to complete remaining work.   Recognize when assistance is needed, and seek timely guidance on complex problems or unexpected project developments.
  • Complete daily time reports, accurately reporting hours worked and utilizing correct job codes.
  • Assist in writing clear, concise reports required as part of a project deliverable.
  • Document work to the level of detail required for the project in accordance with 1Spatial Inc.’s Quality Management System (QMS).

Maintains Quality

  • Comply with the requirements of the company’s documented quality system and contribute to the success and continuous improvement of the program.
  • Understands how the products/data will be used by the customer, considering the applications and technology used with the customer’s organization.

Other Responsibilities

One or more of the following responsibilities may be assigned:

  • Provide training or assistance to fellow employees.
  • Undertake marketing and promotional activities.

Working Conditions

Work is conducted in an office setting sitting at a computer.  Depending on the workload, a customized work schedule may be required.