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Smarter data for smoother payments

Accurate land-use records are essential for effective rural payments, whether you are a payments agency or a large land-owner.

Discrepancies delay payment and cause frustration on all sides. But, maintaining accurate records for thousands of ever-changing land parcels is a challenge.

Agencies need effective tools to automate the validation of land-use records and grant claims, speeding up payments without increasing operating costs.

We specialise in the management and maintenance of geospatial data

Our rules-based technology automates data management processes such as data validation, cleansing, integration and conflation. By translating expert knowledge into user-defined, user-managed rules we enable organisations to quickly validate and ingest new data from different sources, without polluting their core databases.

Our solutions eliminate much of the labour-intensive, manual checking that is traditional in geospatial data.

Our rules-engine is ideally suited to applying existing rule sets, such as those required by Land Parcel Identification Systems (LPIS), as well as user-defined rules for unique situations.

Rules can be run at the point of data collection to ensure that what is entered conforms to requirements. No expensive re-visits, no second-guessing; just smarter data captured correctly.

Rules can also run against existing data to ensure compliance with any new requirements. Data can be automatically updated too, to match new schemes, data formats or scheme rules.

As a result, agencies are always working on the latest, most accurate data.

Grant applications can then be automatically validated, minimising queries and speeding up payments.

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