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1SMS product update released for general availability

Cambridge, UK, 18 October 2019, ( 1Spatial is pleased to announce the general release of 1Spatial Management Suite (1SMS) v2.5. 1SMS is a spatial data management environment and provides a suite of products to efficiently and consistently plan and execute the maintenance of your master data by automating production workflows.

1SMS v2.5 is a new release, available to new and existing customers, which provides:

  • Security improvements
  • User efficiencies through rapid creation of multiple similar jobs
  • Usability improvements for managing map overlays and filtering jobs
  • Support for newer versions of integrated software such as Wildfly, FME and Java
  • Various bug fixes

View an application case study of 1SMS here. 1SMS is made up of 8 individual components, more info on these components and their associated release notes can be found here.

Seb Lessware, CTO, 1Spatial added ‘As well as new functionality requested by users this release includes security improvements as a result independent security testing by National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) approved testers. This ensures that customers and their data continue to be protected and stay compliant with GDPR regulation.’

Existing customers can get this new version from 1Spatial customer support here. For more information on 1Integrate and all releases including the latest, please contact us or visit our website for release notes or 1SMS information.

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