Smarter Data, Smarter World 2019

Start: November 15, 2019

End: November 15, 2019

Location: Date and Location TBC

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New and enhanced technologies have automated and expedited the process of spatial data collection; allowing greater volumes and categories of data to be captured, at faster rates, more consistently and with more storage capacity available. New applications, reliant upon old or new data are often born and can lead to commercial or non-commercial advancements. Indeed, at the very centre of most local, regional and global developments is data, its application and use. With such increasing volumes of data now available it is vital that it delivers confidence through accuracy to drive intelligent or automated actions.

The Smarter Data, Smarter World conference will cover the next steps in this process of spatial data management. Considering the volumes of data available, how do we make this data ‘smart’ and what are the ways in which this ‘smart data’ can, in turn, make a ‘smarter world’? The morning session will see the conference cover themes designed to illuminate the links between spatial data and value, relevant for public and private business. All of which can help drive economies, enterprise, innovation and everyday life. The afternoon session will offer delegates the opportunity to concentrate on specific examples within the government, utility or transport sectors.


The applications of quality data to the world are vast and touch upon very disparate elements of society such as economics, politics, security, infrastructure, development, the environment and society. Smarter data is a driver and bedrock of this smarter world with emphasis on the need for:

  • Quality – data needs to contain the required level of detail to deliver against the intended purpose
  • Accuracy – at the very core, data must be accurate to provide value and a single source of truth from the point of capture throughout the data lifecycle
  • Scalable – great efficiencies can be achieved through scalable and transferable solutions
  • Timely – data needs to be available 24/7 and, in an instant, to inform those acting upon it
  • Collaboration – multiple data sources and multiple users emphasise the need for managing data aggregation, integration and effective workflows

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