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1Spatial’s annual conference is at The British Library, London on Tuesday 19th November

Cambridge, UK, 15th October, 2019, ( Every year, some of the leading thinkers from the geospatial world gather to share their thoughts at 1Spatial’s Smarter Data, Smarter World conference.

This year’s theme is “Innovation. Automation. Collaboration. and presentations will explore the links between location data and its value. Attendees will hear from organisations and industry experts as they talk about – and demonstrate – how they’re innovating with and unlocking the value of location to drive economic growth and transform environmental and social outcomes.

Perhaps no-one better demonstrates the transformative possibilities of technology and data than this year’s closing speaker, Simon Wheatcroft. Blind at 17, Simon refuses to let his loss of sight hold him back. In 2016, he became the first blind person to run solo in Namibia’s 4 Deserts Marathon. He then upped the challenge by running the New York marathon … surrounded by 50,000 other “moving objects”.

From the latest uses of location data, attendees will also see some of the oldest. The British Library holds one of the world’s largest collections of maps and delegates will be free to explore The British Library Treasures Gallery after the event. Exhibits include an Anglo-Saxon Mappa Mundi (from 1025) and the Duke of York’s map of the newly captured New Amsterdam (1664).

Smarter Data, Smarter World is all about sharing knowledge and experience.

As 1Spatial CEO Claire Milverton says, “The purpose of the Smarter Data Smarter World conference  is to share innovation, insight and ideas. We always try to combine inspirational speakers with an inspiring venue, but that’s just the start. Attendees, including our own team, always say the real magic comes from the discussions, the demonstrations and discovering new approaches to shared challenges. It’s an opportunity to network with like-minded people.” 

From ancient maps, through geospatial data innovation, to adventurer Simon Wheatcroft, Smarter Data Smarter World 2019 promises new insights on an age-old question – understanding our place on earth.

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