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1Spatial welcomes the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport’s (DCMS) open call for evidence for the UK government’s National Data Strategy

DCMS want to consult on the themes and objectives of the strategy and gather evidence that will underpin a draft strategy. To inform the National Data Strategy and to help structure the call for evidence, a provisional set of objectives, divided into 3 areas of focus have been defined:

  • People – to ensure trust in the use of and interaction with data
  • Economy – to ensure effective operation within, and growth of, a data driven economy
  • Government – to improve services and alignment across government by collecting, sharing and cooperation

DCMS’s intention is to develop a National Data Strategy that will unlock the power of data across government and the wider economy, while building citizen trust in its use. The aim of the National Data Strategy is to drive the collective vision that will support the UK to build a world-leading data economy. It will help ensure that all citizens and organisations trust the data ecosystem, are sufficiently skilled to operate effectively within it, and can get access to high-quality data when they need it.


The value of the U.K. data economy has been reported to be £73.3bn. Today’s digital revolution is driven by the use of data.  Data is an area that the government knows that it must get right. Data plays a key role as a cornerstone and enabler of the UK digital strategy, industrial strategy, and transformation strategy.

In order to drive economic growth, productivity and innovation, data needs to be right as well as good for purpose; this means increasing the quality of data, enabling easier access to data and making data easier to use. Continued investment in our data infrastructures is critical to enabling the digital data economy to grow and achieve sustainable exploitation of data.

Specialising in Location Master Data Management with leading technology, 1Spatial supports the governance of the world’s largest geospatial databases. 1Spatial works with organisations to drive growth, productivity and innovation.

1Spatial encourages individuals and organisations to respond to the call for evidence.  DCMS would like evidence by 14th July 2019.

For further information about 1Spatial helping organisations to drive growth, productivity and innovation through Location Master Data Management please click here.