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Bridging the GAP between DOT & 911 NSGIC Webinar Bridging the GAP between DOT and 911 NSGIC Webinar

There is a potential for a symbiotic relationship in managing complementary datasets between a State DOT (Department of Transportation) and the EMS (Emergency Management Services) departments.

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Meeting the Geospatial Data Challenges of a New Era

During this webinar we will focus on meeting the data requirements of new/changing government regulations, such as NextGen911, Parcel Management, Geo-Enabled Elections, & Emergency Management can prove quite challenging.

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Smoothing the Data Transition to the Esri Utility Network Model

With limited resources and increasing complex networks, utilities and telecoms need new network management tools with more functionality, added flexibility, and open access to information.  The ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension enhances the network management capabilities within ArcGIS.

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Tech Tools for Data Governance Webinar Leveraging Technology and Tools to Enforce Data Governance in Transportation

Integrating data from multiple sources to create an organizational wide enterprise database can be challenging in the best of circumstances. Not only are there varying degrees of data quality and accuracy, there are also numerous formats (both spatial and non-spatial) and schemas to be accounted for.

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Leveraging Technology and Tools to Enforce Data Governance throughout the Enterprise

This presentation will focus on implementations that have utilized the 1Integrate rules engine to hone business data requirements and implement those data requirements in an automated process to not only streamline the integration but also enforce quality control throughout the data lifecycle.

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Drive Efficiency through Automated Data Management

During this recording you’ll discover how we can help you automate your existing, often manual processes, to ensure regulatory requirements and compliance are met while you benefit from improved data quality leading to efficiencies and significant cost savings across your organization.

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Feature Extraction

During this video, we will be demonstrating how 1Spatial’s commercial off the shelf tools can help with the cleaning and conflating of extracted features from Rasters, Imagery, and LIDAR datasets.

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Maritime Data Management

Learn how maritime agencies such as the US National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) are leveraging the 1Spatial Suite of tools to manage their ENC (Electronic Nautical Chart maritime) databases.

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Facility Management

During this video, we will be demonstrating how the 1Spatial commercial off the shelf tools can help with managing facility spatial and non-spatial data across the enterprise.

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