1Edit – a revolution in spatial data editing

1Edit is a powerful spatial vector data editing application, which enables you to quickly and effectively edit 2D and 2.5D real-world data with a high level of quality assurance. It is designed to be used either in the field with a touch screen and survey devices, or in an office using a mouse and keyboard.

It ensures that data is correctly aligned and connected, provides automatic editing of shared geometry and highlights on-screen any features that do not conform to your business rules, as defined using 1Validate.  It also allows change-only saving of data, supports rich real-world hierarchical data models, as well as intelligent management of inter-feature references.

1Edit can be used to:

  • Edit 2D and 2.5D vector data using powerful and productive editing tools
  • Integrate with field data collection devices such as GPS or Total Stations
  • Edit in the office and in the field
  • Maintain clean, topologically connected data with automatic maintenance of shared geometry
  • Automatically apply validation rules to data as you edit
  • Apply user-defined data maintenance behaviours to perform tasks automatically as you edit, such as setting attributes
  • Use imagery/ortho photography as a backdrop
  • Manage rich real-world hierarchical data models: Features with multiple geometries, nested values, multiple cardinality attributes and aggregate features
  • Read data in rich formats such as GML, write back changes only
  • Help the user discover and resolve conflicts detected by 1Transact
  • Integrate with the 1Spatial Management Suite via a worklist for taking up and loading data, and for packaging and submitting changes
  • Provides fast and fluid intuitive user interaction, via a Windows 8 user interface, reducing training time


  • Add value to your products by providing your clients with more accurate and higher-quality data
  • Save time and money on data capture because of the inbuilt validation and powerful editing tools
  • Reduce training costs by using a single application in the office and in the field
  • Store and edit your data in a richer, future-proof way enabling delivery of flexible and valuable data to your clients

1Edit being used to capture or update the geometries and attributes of features.

1Edit can collaborate with:

  • 1Workflow to automatically manage data exchange, conflict resolution and data validation
  • 1Exchange to receive required data for editing and submit change only update back to your database

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